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Expert Witness Retention & Litigation

Review records and materials, provide verbal consultation, author written opinions, and provide deposition and trial testimony if needed.

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Consultative Reviews

Screen potential legal cases, analyze case strengths and weaknesses, provide verbal consultations to clients, and assist in trial preparation by unpacking complex concepts, exploring alternative case theories, and developing technical questions.


Strategic Research/ Briefs

Conduct research on given topics, gather relevant literature, and create a document outlining key information, including causal links and relevant risk factors. The findings include both supportive and contrasting viewpoints to the client's case theory.

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case merits review

Screen potential cases for merit by reviewing records and identify strengths and weaknesses. Consult with clients verbally and, if needed, assist the attorney in creating a certificate outlining the case's merits.

Areas of expertise


Comprehensive support for cases related to natural or man-made disasters. Assist in determining liability, assessing damage, and evaluating the adequacy of disaster preparedness and response measures.

Crisis Management

Assess the adequacy of crisis plans, training, communications, and response in crisis events. Evaluate the standard of care, and assist in determining liability and legal issues stemming from crisis events.

Emergency Management

Assess emergency management, training , safety program development, accident prevention, and regulatory compliance for emergency events. Evaluate the adequacy of warning systems, response protocols, regulatory compliance, and overall preparedness.

Evaluate the effectiveness of business continuity plans and strategies related to business disruptions. Assess liability, determine the adequacy of risk management measures, and ensure the continuity and resilience of business operations.

Business Continuity and Resilience

Operations Risk Management

Evaluate risk management practices related to operational risks. Assess identification and mitigation of potential hazards, minimizing the likelihood of loss and maximizing the protection of assets. Assess liability, and improve risk mitigation strategies.

Humanitarian Events

Assess the adequacy of evacuation plans, compliance with international laws and protocols relating to disaster and refugee/asylum, and the standard of care in humanitarian operations, especially in sensitive and high-stakes situations such as mass evacuation and kidnap for ransom and extortion (KR&E).

Joe White, J.D.

Managing Director

about us

Joe graduated from law school in 2019 while working full-time in the oil and gas industry. Joe’s legal knowledge and experience in crisis and emergency management allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape surrounding disasters and business resilience.

Joe’s expertise in these areas makes him uniquely qualified and an ideal partner for businesses looking to navigate complex legal issues with ease. Joe is committed to providing comprehensive expert witness opinions, reports, and testimony as well as legal consulting services to both plaintiffs and defendants.

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